2nd Ave News – Volume 45 – May 2016

2nd Ave News – Volume 45 – May 2016

Welcome to the June edition of the Landlords newsletter!

We hope you enjoy our newsletter with the latest news from the 4017 postcode, along with a snapshot of sales and rentals in the area.

We’ve had a busy quarter here in the office and we’re very excited about our new website!

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As always, we look forward to being of service in 2016 for all your property needs.

There’s Rats in the House

One of our tradesmen, Peter the Possum and Bird Man, recently sent through some handy information on the prevention of rats in the house.

‘As the weather gets cooler, the local rat population begins looking for a warm and safe place to spend the winter. Unfortunately, this place is often in the roof of your house. It can be hard to tell if you have rats in your roof. Often the first signs are small holes in items stored in your pantry or droppings on your kitchen countertops or floors. You may also have electrical or dishwasher problems as rats love to chew through electrical wiring and dishwasher pipes!  Other common signs that you may have a rat problem are the scratching and gnawing noises they make. These sounds occur throughout both the day and night.

If you think you may have rats, while you may want to turn your roof into a rat version of a Red Wedding, you really need a little bit of DIY prevention combined with calling in the experts to treat the rats.  If you think you have rats, remove possible sources of food by keeping your food stored away in air tight containers and cleaning up  crumbs and pet food. You may also want to rethink your compost pile – moving to sealed compost bins to remove a potential food source.

You can stop rats from getting in the house by cutting away branches that are close to, or touching the roof. Rats are expert climbers and can jump upwards of a metre in order to get to a roof.  Cleaning up loose objects in the garden that could serve as a nest for rats is also advised, as is encouraging a resident carpet python to take up residence in your roof.

While, preventative baiting is recommended if you have chickens or a rat problem, it needs to be carried out by a licensed pest controller such as our Rat Man.  DIY baiting is discouraged as it poses the risk of poisoning native wildlife, children and pets. DIY baits are also absorbed through the skin and can be very dangerous when mishandled.

Peter and the team can advise on the correct way to treat rats for your property, ensuring that you have a peaceful winter without pesky rodents that come back faster than John Snow (spoiler alert!).’

Look, listen and run!

If you need any assistance Peter is very good and will look after you.  You can call or email our office, if needed.

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First name out of the hat next quarter will receive a gift voucher.
Good luck!

What’s Happening in Sales?


Statistics are used to allow individuals and companies to forecast and project their processes.  Its factual information, an ‘in the now’ situation and usually is accurate in summarizing the overall market that it covers.

We learn from these statistics so that we can create opportunities and build wealth,   monetary and/or educationally so that small businesses or any business can grow and employ.

It would be expected that property markets would not be any different, however, there are so many other aspects that we take into consideration, e.g. elections, economics, employment, uncertainty, etc. Also included are the attributes, features and location of a home!

While the experts look at an entire state, we look at individual suburbs and how they perform and this should be for sellers who want to sell in their suburb and buyers looking to buy in their preferred suburb.  Queensland stats are a guide only on how the whole state is performing, so use the information on Queensland statistics as a guide only, look closer to where you want to buy or sell and see what is happening there!

Here is a snap shot of our 4017 postcode market for the period from 1 January 2015 to 31 April 2015 (4 months) and then for the same period for 2016.

Suburb            2015    2016
Shorncliffe       11         10
Sandgate           31        23
Brighton            79        51
Deagon               36        28
Bracken Ridge 119        79

Shorncliffe – 10 sold out of 708 properties over 4 months = 2.5 homes sold per month.
Sandgate – 23 sold out of 1912 properties over 4 months = 5.75 homes sold per month.
Brighton – 51 sold out of 3919 properties over 4 months = 13.5 homes sold per month.
Deagon – 28 sold out of 1642 properties over 4 months = 3.375 homes sold per month.
Bracken Ridge – 53 sold out of 6335 properties over 4 months = 13.25 homes sold per month.

This equates, over a 4 month period, that in the whole of Shorncliffe 0.014% homes sold, for Sandgate 0.009%, Brighton 0.013%, Deagon 0.017% and Bracken Ridge 0.008%.

These are valid statistics from RP Data and while our market is not perfect we are not alone. This is happening in other surrounding suburbs and states.

Currently we have within the 4017 postcode approx. 14,500 properties with 130 agents selling; you do your sums!

While these statistics are not perfect and that our market share is significantly down, we are still optimistic.  All I know is, if you’re thinking of selling please let us know; or if you’re a buyer lets us know your requirements and you can be placed on our data base.

On a flip side maybe we’ve made it so enjoyable to live here that people don’t want to leave.  But we’re patient!

What’s Happening in Rentals


Best to sum up the last quarter is BUSY!  We would be disappointed if this was not the case as Property Management is a busy role with Lease Renewals, Routine Inspections, etc; occurring every day, never a dull moment!

We are please to achieve some positive outcomes from issues that were mentioned in last quarter’s newsletter, e.g. snakes, mental health patients, abandoned properties, noise complaints, etc.  In some cases it came down to common sense but for others they needed to be handled very carefully.  Overall a great outcome for the all parties involved.

With EOFY fast approaching each Landlord will receive their End of Month Statements as per their current instructions, e.g. email or mailed.  However, for emailed Landlords the last six months actual statements plus any invoices and the End of Year Summary will be mailed to your current address as soon as possible.

The Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA) will cease to issue cheques for Bond Refunds.  The RTA will transfer refunds into an Australian Bank Account only and have advised any person who moves overseas to keep their Australian Bank Account opened until the refund has been processed.

The Queensland Government has adopted changes to tenancy database laws to give greater protection for tenants while maintaining a property owner’s right to protect their investment.  These changes will bring Queensland into line with national uniform laws.

These changes are within the Plumbing and Drainage and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2016 and the changes will include:-

  • Disclosure of name of database to prospective tenants;
  • Limits the time a listing can be kept on a database to 3 years

For a full list of items please refer to www.rta.qld.gov.au

Landlords should be rest assured that over the weekends that our office telephone is switched through to someone so that we can receive rental enquiries or maintenance issues, that may occur. This could be from doors slamming shut and locking tenants out, glass windows/doors breaking, electricity safety switches tripping or hot water systems shutting off, or for inspections attended to if vacant or a suitable time is arranged during the week. For those maintenance issues, they can sometimes be handled by our office without a tradesman, however, if the job is outside our scope or a danger to the occupants the experts will have to be contacted.  Our owners will be informed as soon as practicable.

For those that love statistics we have sourced from RP Data, the percentage of rental properties per suburb varies with Bracken Ridge 25.6%, Brighton 25.1%, Sandgate 36.3%, Shorncliffe 33.2% and Deagon 29.4%.  This shows that rental properties have a grasp on the property market and investors are keen to invest within these areas; a good mix!

As at 6 June 2016, www.realestate.com.au shows 80 properties available for rent in the 4017 postcode (previously 97).  The breakdown is Shorncliffe 5 (6), Sandgate 21 (14), Brighton 15 (31), Deagon 7 (15) and Bracken Ridge 32 (31).  A massive decrease in the number of rentals in Brighton – prices range from $130.00 to $950.00 per week. Currently our office has 7 (5) properties available – 2 units/villas and 5 houses, with 3 applications pending on these homes.

During the last quarter the rental management team has completed 150 (prev. 95) routine inspections, 51 (88) leases and over 448 (322) jobs.

Local News


The Bluewater Festival was very successful with estimated crowds increased from previous years.
Sandgate Village Markets have arrived and appear to be stirring the crowds on the third Saturday of the month. Great job!
There are so many great things happening in our area. If you’re on Facebook, just type in Sandgate and watch the number of groups pop up!

Office News

Recently Leanne visited China for a 3 week adventure and upon her return she felt that after 10 years loyal employment that she would take an additional 3 months long service. OMG!

Leanne will have July, August and September looking after her family. She may even decide to come back early! Brendan will take over the role of Property Manager during her time off!