Preparing your home


The optimum way to market your property is to fully communicate its best features to the buying public.  Here are some tips to help you prepare your home and don’t forget first impressions count!

• Minimise household items by de-cluttering
• Clear cobwebs, dirt and grime from interior and exterior of your home
• Ensure all light globes are in working order
• Ensure taps don’t leak and doors swing freely
• Clear surfaces to create a feeling of space
• Clean all windows and ensure that all close properly
• Have carpets professionally cleaned
• Clear gutters and eaves
• Clean footpaths, outdoor areas and driveways
• Trim lawns and edges
• Remove any woody and unwanted weeds
• Remove cars from front of the home
• Depending on the time of year open windows
• Ensure Smoke Alarms are installed

Above all the most important thing is to obtain advice on how to present your home as the last thing you want to do is to spend unnecessarily.  Our team have the expertise and knowledge on how to present your home.